3 Best Decks with Skeleton Barrel for every arena on Clash Royale

The Skeleton Barrel has appeared for a few days in the world of Clash Royale. It will take a few weeks before it is available to all players, but some of the strongest may already have this new card.

In fact, in the Strategic Halloween Challenge launched a few days ago, the highest prize was the Skeleton Barrel.

Obviously some of our Clash Royale masters have managed to get the Barrel, and they have created 3 really special decks that can destroy a tower with only one combo.

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Deck with Skeleton Barrel, Giant, Wizard

This is the first deck we’ll analyze. It’s an edited version of the classic Giant + Wizard combo, with the skeleton barrel.

Cards in the deck

  • Giant;
  • Wizard;
  • Witch
  • Minion Horde;
  • Skeleton Barrel;
  • Fireball;
  • Bomber;
  • Valkyrie.

Deck Strategy, tips and tricks

As you can see, the cards in the deck can be obtained by everyone, since there are no legendary cards, and many cards are available since the early arenas. Strategies are also basic, as a “Tank-support-spell” type combo will be used.

The offensive strategy is to send the Giant with the Witch, deploying the Skeleton Barrel in the middle of the 2 units.

Doing so, the opponent will have only one option, that is to defend himself. If successful you will have to spend a lot of elixir, giving you the chance to have a significant advantage over the next tactic to use. If, on the other hand, he will probably lose his tower in seconds.

Deck with Giant, Skeleton Barrel, Graveyard

In this deck we will use a lot of skeletons, to kill our enemy. Let’s see how it works.

Cards in the deck

  • Giant;
  • Graveyard;
  • Poison spell;
  • Skeleton Barrel;
  • Baby Dragon;
  • Zap;
  • Archers;
  • Bats;

Deck strategy, tips and tricks

This time to use this deck you will need the Graveyard card. Your opponents will have to a hard time countering your combos!

To create effective offensive you will only have the embarrassment of choice. The deck allows you to use a lot of combo, including:

  • Giant, Skeleton Barrel, Graveyard;
  • Giant, Skeleton Barrel, Poison;
  • Baby Dragon, Skeleton Barrel, Graveyard;
  • Baby Dragon, Skeleton Barrel, Zap, Bats.
  • Giant, Skeleton Barrel, Baby Dragon.

As a defense, however, we ensure that the Bats + Archer combo is able to stop giant caliber cards.

Let’s watch an example video:

Deck with Skeleton Barrel, Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon

This time there are 4 legendary cards in the deck, so you need to have at least 3, since one is the Log and can be replaced by a Zap or Arrows.

Cards in the deck

  • Skeleton Barrel;
  • Electro Wizard;
  • The Log;
  • Miner;
  • Goblins;
  • Ice Golem;
  • Poison;
  • Inferno Dragon;

Deck strategy, tips and tricks

The deck is really complete, and it allows you to defend against almost all the cards on Clash Royale. The legendary cards give a remarkable help, thanks to their unique and amazing powers.

Many of them, such as the Miner, require a response from the enemy, and agains hordes we can just use The Log.

Cards like Inferno Dragon can easily kill dangerous tanks and troops.

And then we have the Electro Wizard who, in addition to causing good damage and slowing down the enemies, will cancel the effect of the inferno cards.

Ice Golem is a mini tank to protect the Skeleton Barrel during your raid on the tower.

This video explains everything about the deck; let’s watch it together!

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