10 Most Popular Decks in Arena 12 to Climb (75% chance of victory) [AGGIORNATO 2024]

Arena 12 is the final step before landing in legendary Arena and collecting League prizes, so we've sifted through the game for the most powerful decks with a chance of winning by more than 75% (based on the current metagame). Discover with us the most popular decks used by players to climb quickly and exceed the threshold of 4000 trophies!

Many see the presence of Log Bait decks, clicking on the link you find the best of this year, and especially the Barrel Goblin and the Princess. Which one do you prefer from the available ones?

To copy them just click the button below and set it as your default deck. And if you're not satisfied you'll find more than 11th decks for Arena 12 among the most strategic, by clicking here. Good climb of Arena 12!

Best DeckS For Arena 12 9
Best DeckS For Arena 12 10
Best Decks For Arena 12 11
Best DeckS For Arena 12 12
Best DeckS For Arena 12 13
Best Decks For Arena 12 14
Best DeckS Per Arena 12 15
Best DeckS Per Arena 12 16
Best DeckS For Arena 12 17
Best DeckS For Arena 12 18