How to Unlock The Secret and Exclusive Provocations of Royal Clash released during the Seasons2024

Each season brings with it many new challenges and possibilities to obtain special cards, many trunks and especially exclusive provocations that after the period set by Supercell can no longer be regained. So how do you unlock Clash Royale's secret and exclusive taunts before season time runs out?

It is not well specified or in any case it is certainly not clear: every now and then, they come out, perhaps during a game, provocations never seen before or that are very rare compared to the others. How do I get them?

Supercell gives these secret taunts to Youtuber and official content creators, the latter can give them free to anyone who participates or arrives at a certain podium (e.g. TOP 25) of their tournaments.

What are the official English Youtubers?

Here is the list of English Youtubers:

  • Cwa
  • OJ,
  • Bufarete,
  • SirTag,
  • KFC Clash,
  • Clash with Shane,
  • Legendaray,
  • BaileyOP, Molt,
  • Nickatnyte,
  • NyteOwl, New York

This does not mean, however, that you cannot participate in contests organized by local Youtubers, such as Italian, Spanish or French ones. The latter also have this possibility!

Best Clash Royale Emote Provocations

You can check your favorite creators' Twitter pages, YouTube channels, or other channels if they participate and how to win the challenge with published tournaments.

Once you've reached the tournament's established position, you'll have to wait a while before you're assigned the secret taunt. When it happens, you'll find this warning.

Save Emote Provocation

Alternatively, you can simply search the TORNEI section of Clash Royale for simply the right word: for example, if you are looking for a challenge with PEKKA, just search for "PEKKA" and you will find lots of tournaments. Attention, though, many are fake tournaments. Rely only on the list of youtuber and official creators of Clash Royale.