Private Server Leaks: BH8, Mega Tesla, Cannon Giant, War Machine level max 30, Super PEKKA

Upgrading with the builder’s base, though he did not impress many players, has led to the game, new scenarios and new mechanisms that will allow Clash of Clans to have a long-term new life. At the moment we have the ability to unlock only a few levels in the Builder Room and consequently very few troops and structures, however Clash Server Clans Server has appeared dormant inside with many new features such as BH6, BH7, BH8, Mega Tesla, Giant Cannon , War Level 30, Super Peka and Cemetary Balloons, here are all screenshots.

Let’s start with the Archer Tower that will be unlocked in Improvement mode with 4 million gold and a 7-day management period, 5 more than the Double Cannon. Following is the perfect Mortar that will take 14 days and 8 million gold for its development.

What you see is instead the BH8, Building Level Level 8, which will allow, among other things, to release Mega Tesla and Super PEKKA defense. The builder room features two large gears on the side and two roof openings.

Progressing, we will have the opportunity to enhance all the structures, here below you can take a look at the maximum reachable levels, including Walls.

Even the troops have graphic modifications as they will rise through the Stellar Laboratory.

Finally, the new hero, War Machine, which will reach its top level, at least at the moment, level 30 with scary stats.