BH7 Update + Drop Ship and Cannon Giant for Clash of Clans is Coming [VIDEO]

Unsurprisingly, Supercell has released in the official channel of Youtube, a new video that shows in action the upcoming Clash of Clans update that will include Constructor Room Level 7 (BH7) and will bring with it many new features, as absolute protagonists the Drop Ship and the Cannon giant.

We begin by saying that there is no presumed or official date for the release of the new update in the video, this could mean that the team is working to incorporate additional updates into the update (including BH8 ?) Or that it is just still in the beta testing phase and therefore the release times will be prolonged. We know for sure that a few days ago some official youtubers (including Italians) were invited to the Supercell headquarters in Helsinki , maybe just to try the new features?

The news contained in the new Clash of Clans update

Let’s start right away listing some good information that you can notice from the published video:

  • New Level Clock Tower,
  • New level Builder barracks,
  • New Troop: Drop Ship,
  • New defense: Giant cannon,
  • New levels for all defenses,
  • New levels for all troops,
  • New level for the Walls,
  • New level for Laboratory.

How Will Drop Ship and Giant Cannon Work?

The Drop Ship is the lightened version of the classic Hot Air Balloon: flying over the skies but instead of throwing bombs, falling on the ground are groups of 3 Skeletons that will form a small horn.

The Giant Cannon, on the other hand, will allow one-shot to inflict distance damage on its line of action to all the enemies it will encounter throughout the voyage.


As we have just written, we do not know the date of release of this update, but we can well think that it can take place shortly before Halloween (given the rather dark topic of the troop). We leave you to the official video.