Base BH4 Anti Drago, Anti Furtive Archers, Anti Giant Boxer + VIDEO

The Builder Level 4 Builder achieves quality in terms of defense and very high attack: in this article we will also explain you through a video from Youtube, how to set it in a defensive manner. Here’s the best BH4 anti-Dragons layout, Anti-Giant Boxer and Anti-Arciers .

Base BH4 Anti Drago, Anti Raid Archers, Anti Giant Boxer + VIDEO

The village is set up using the walls not to close the village inside, rather as a villain . The walls are installed so that a Giant Boxer or any physical attack troupe is obliged to follow a sort of small corridor then go back and go on another blind alley.

The traps set in this way make the success of 2 or 3 stars even longer and more difficult by slowing further the ground troops.

In addition, the defenses are set so that the other structures act as “protection” while the former inflict damage on offensive troops.

Flying troops, such as Sluggish Mutant or Dragon Puppy, are hindered especially since Petardi ‘s defense is set so that it can not be easily attacked unless it collides with other numerous structures that will further weaken opponents.

Finally, the Town Hall BH4 is completely protected by 4 rows of walls in this way getting the central star is even harder.

Video Layout BH4

In the following video you can see various Replay actions to get an idea of ​​how this BH4 layout system works. You’ll still find other layouts for Level Builder Base 4 in the appropriate section.