December 2017 Brawl Stars Update: 2 new Brawlers, new features, new graphics and more!

Hot news for Brawl Stars: in Brawl Talk a lot of informations about Brawl Stars update have been relased! Here are all the information translated by Supercellfan.

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Changes for Chips and Elixir systemse

The elixir will no longer be available to boost the Brawlers: the game will have a new upgrade system: the “Bolts”. They will allow you to buy 6 Brawler Power Upgrades, such as Attack and Speed of Bullet as well as changes for Super Attack. “Bolts” can be found in Brawl Boxes. Note: Special Skills will vary and will make Brawlers stronger. Upgrades through “Bolts” can be done a maximum of 6 times.

What happens to my current chips?

Your chipst will be converted to gems. 3 chips = 1 gem.

Android Relase

Nothing yet: Supercell says he does not feel ready for the global release of the game for android platforms…

New Graphic Interface

The graphic interface has been redesigned. For example, shop’s graphics.

Brawlers Upgrade

Brawlers’ stats will be upgraded by 300%.

New game modes

  • Boss Mode: A 5vs1 mode (5 players vs. a Boss). The boss will be a normal player, chosen between many.
  • Co-Op Mode: a game mode in which you have to kill robots and survive. It is a 3v3 Mode.
  • Friendly challenges

New Brawlers

A new brawler will be available! Discover everything in this video:

And, last but not least, the Brawl Talk.