Officially Relased Sneak Peeks for Brawl Stars: new Boss incoming?

While iOS players continue to grow on Brawl Stars, and Android users are expecting the coming out of this new game since June, there are new sneak peeks coming along with the December 2017 update.

December 2017 Brawl Stars Update: the leaks and the sneak peeks

In the english topic posted on Reddit by the team, three little clues about the upcoming Christmas update of the game have been announced:

  • The players will be able to see all the online members,
  • A new game mode,
  • You will be able to edit your nickname (only once and only after having unlocked level 5)

The team has collected all the messages and comments of the players and during the next Brawl Talk will be announced other news included in the next update. No further news regarding Android release, probably Supercell is testing its new game well to improve it and to make it fit with the other eSports.

Meanwhile, scrolling down in the Reddit topic, you can see a screenshot that shows a new troop, or rather a new character in Brawl Stars, that may have to do with the new game mode… It looks like a Boss with a very high health and a devastating power!

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