Week Events on Hay Day: Boat Event, Spin the Wheel, Visitors and more!

The official list of the Hay Day events from Monday 30th October has been published. There are boat events, crop events and visitor bonuses! Keep reading and discover more!

Hay Day Events: Boat, Spin the Wheel, Truck orders and more

From the 30th of October a round of events on Hay Day will start: the schedule has been already published. Let’s see it together:

Upcoming Events Hay Day


  • Monday 30th Oct: Boat extra booster!
  • Tuesday 31st Oct: Spin the wheel – Puzzle piece
  • Wednesday 1st Nov: Crop boost – ALL
  • Thursday 2nd Nov: Boat XP
  • Friday 3rd Nov: Town visitor – Extra reward
  • Saturday 4th Nov: Global Truck Event

For more details on these events head to the news section in the game when the events are active!

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