Best Decks with Pyrotechnic Archers for Arenas and Leagues in Clash Royale

The Pyrotechnic archer is part of one of those borderline paper, as when used in 2v2 mode they risk creating more damage than benefits (when this card hits the enemy tower in a vertical direction, it also hits the central tower… waking her up!) in single mode instead has huge potential and if used with a bit of experience manages to put K.O. even his counters moving away with every blow inflicted, thanks to the "recoil" of the firecracker throw. In this article we will list some of the best Technical Archer Decks currently available for Arena 10, Arena 11, Arena 12, Arena 13 and Leagues.

Best Decks for Pyrothenic Archers

The Pyrotechnic archer has great potential especially against hordes such as the Goblin Gang or Horde Sgherri, but if used with forward a tank such as Knight, PEKKA or similar can avoid being hit and continue to cause serious damage by staying at a distance security forces. Here are some of the best Decks with Pyrotechnic Archers available.

Deck With Aricere Pyrotechnic steam 1;28000008;26000055;26000049;26000023;26000000;26000018;26000064&id=92J08P
Deck With Aricere Pyrotechnics 2;26000064;26000039;28000011;27000002;28000009;26000011;26000042&id=92J08P
Deck With Aricere Pyrotechnic 3;28000008;26000055;28000002;28000000;27000007;26000016;26000064&id=92J08P
Deck With Aricere Pyrotechnic snooth 4;26000009;26000055;28000012;26000048;28000006;27000001;26000064&id=92J08P
Deck With Pyrotechnic Archer clash Royale;26000064;26000004;26000045;26000017;28000000;26000022;28000010&id=92J08P