Best Decks for Arena 13: Discover the Decks Used to Scale clash Royale's Leagues

Arena 13 is the start of the expert climb to reach the most ambitious prizes and appear increasingly at the top of the National or World Rankings. It is important to know how to curb nerves and tension, first of all, when you are so high but even more important is to use and experience with one of the best decks that we propose below to climb Legendary Arena and Leagues!

Each of these decks is used by most players of the climbers, so you can find some against them as well. Knowing it thoroughly will allow you to have an advantage over your opponents.

Simply copy the decks you prefer by clicking on the button below them, and if you're not satisfied, check out the decks section for Legendary Arena.

Best Decks To Climb Arena 13;26000026;26000030;26000041;27000003;28000003;28000004;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 1;26000014;26000021;26000030;26000038;27000000;28000000;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 2;26000036;26000042;26000046;26000050;26000062;28000008;28000009
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 3;26000010;26000030;26000038;27000006;27000008;28000000;28000011
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 4;26000013;26000015;26000018;26000039;26000048;28000001;28000007
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 5;26000015;26000035;26000039;26000048;28000007;28000012;28000015
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 6;26000011;26000032;26000049;26000058;26000062;27000004;28000001
Best Decks To Climb Arena 13 7;26000015;26000023;27000004;28000009;28000010;28000012;28000015