Best Deck with Night Witch, Giant and Graveyard for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11

Everybody knows that the night witch is a devastating card. If used in combination with certain cards it is practically unstoppable, especially thanks to its loyal combat bats. Let’s see the best deck with Night Witch, Giant, Graveyard for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11.

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Cards in the deck

  • Night Witch
  • Graveyard
  • Skeleton Army
  • Knight
  • Zap
  • Freeze
  • Giant
  • Goblin Gang

Average elixir cost 3.6

Substitute Cards

  • Goblin Gang replaceable with Spear Goblins,
  • Skeleton army replaceable with Minion Horde.

Strategies, Combos and Tactical Advices

In this deck you can see two cards of offensive effectiveness: Graveyard and Night Witch, the Giant instead has always a defensive wall role and distraction cards and extremis support such as Goblin Gang or Horde Skeletons. Let’see the best combos to do with this deck.

  • Giant + Night Witch: amazing combo indeed. It is rarely possible to counter it. It consists in using the Night witch as a supporter by placing it as the first troop behind his own tower, so in the meantime he will inflate the other part of the field with Bats. As soon as you reach halfway, use the Giant as a shield. As the adversary tries in vain to overthrow the Giant, the Night witch will deal serious damage invoking continuously fast bats. Where possible you can complete the devastating combo with Freeze.
  • Giant + Graveyard: As an alternative to the main combo you can use this other devastating combo. The Giant will absorb and attract the attention of the enemy tower while the Graveyard will devastate it who is busy attacking the giant;
  • Graveyard + Freeze: Alternative to the combo just described. Use Graveyard and as soon as the enemy places a troop that can counter it (Valkyrie or Barbarians for example), and use freeze.