The Best BH3 Layout to use in BH3 on Clash of Clans

Builder Level 3 Base is surely the most mature and most accessible level, and the most popular. Here players learn the best attack techniques but above all defense: yes, because it is not enough to be good offensive if then defensive we ruin and rivals get over 50% with maybe 2 stars. We show you one of the best layout available for BH3 that, at least in our case, allowed us to get over 1000 cups without problems and winning virtually all of the challenges.

How the best BH3 layout works

Here’s the screenshot of the base. Below the picture there are many tips and tricks.

migliore base layout base costruttore livello 3 bh3

  • Corner Holes + Traps: first of all you can see that the walls don’t completely close the village and this choice is not random. Leaving two slides open we will make troops like giants be attracted to reach the core of the builder hall and crossing the threshold will trigger the snap trap. In this way, since enemies usually use no more than 2 Giants Boxers, you will see that one or both of them will fly away leaving the rest of the army alone! Additionally, if some Boxer Giants are safe, they will activate Traps and lose any other time or they will be attracted by the Crusher that will devastate them! This practice can be called Funneling.
  • Star Laboratory and Gem Mine: these two buildings are placed at the corners of the village to distract the other troops.
  • Buildings out of walls: they protect the defenses, and while the opponent troops
  • Tesla: place the hidden tesla in that hole (in the screenshot) so while the giants are busy destroying it the double cannon will kill them all!
  • Firecrackers: Remember to protect them in order to avoid a mass air attack!
  • Crusher: centrally placed and near the spring trap it’s almost impossible to destroy it, making of it a huge threat

In our case we got a high level of defense win and the enemy didn’t score more than the 40% of damage. Must test.