Best Strategy for Clan Games in Clan of Clans

The Clan Games are reality, and our editorial team has finally been able to try and touch with their own hands the new mode introduced to Clash of Clans.

At first glance it is something innovative, in which you will not have to fight against a physical opponent or artificial intelligence, but rather against time.

The task of each player will be to complete the highest number of missions available, winning points that will be added to those recovered from the companions of the clan.

In this way you will get rich prizes, able to support the Clasher in the development of their villages.

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Clan Games: a race against time

The games are a real race against time, in which each player must complete his missions within a time limit, under penalty of cancellation and no point to be able to collect.

It will therefore be essential to choose well the goal among the many available , with the awareness of being able to complete it. At the moment of the decision, remember that in this mode the team play counts, and that surely there will always be someone more suitable than others to complete certain challenges.

What is the function of the text “Delete”

The red “Delete” button is highlighted in the image above. With it you can abandon the mission you have chosen, so you can choose another one. But be careful, because in doing so, you or your teammates can complete the mission discarded by a player.

How to start a mission

We try to understand how to choose a goal. To begin, we click on the new field that appeared in our main village. This will open a table in which there will be icons representing the open missions. Choose the one best suited to your needs, calculating the difficulty, the time available, the amount of points obtainable and if you actually have the resources to be able to win.

It would be advisable for the leaders of a clan to instruct their classmates to choose certain missions.

Personal limit of accumulated points

Since it is crucial that the team game Supercell has set a limit of points that every single player can get from the missions.

As you can see from the attached image you can collect a maximum of 500 points per player within the set time limit. Once you reach it you will be unable to continue selecting other goals.

Team strategy: how to behave in Clan games

Before talking about the prizes we can obtain a list of behaviors to be adopted to be able to collect the highest number of points available.

  • It is a team game. Do not rush and consult with your leaders before choosing a mission.
  • There are easy and some more complicated missions, but all within the reach of each player. The strongest members must complete the most difficult objectives, leaving the rest to the most modest members.
  • Be sure to have the time and skills to complete the selected mission. Whatever happens, you should try not to abandon your mission.
  • A clan with many members has more chances to accumulate points than one with a few.
  • Make sure that there are not many inactive players in the clan to which they belong. This would compromise the Clan Games.

Guide on how to receive the best prizes

At the end of the games you can collect your well-deserved prize, but be careful. To make this happen you must at least have completed a mission, otherwise you will not receive any reward.

Also to receive the most important prizes the clan must have accumulated a certain amount of points, otherwise you will have to settle for what will be made available.

There are 4 categories of awards, which become more coveted in increasing order. The most important prizes can be obtained in lv 4, or by accumulating 1000 points.

You can choose only one prize among the 3 available in the relevant column. Books (or the most important artifacts) can only be found in the 4 band.

How to use the prizes

The prizes available are:

  • Gold coins.
  • Elixir.
  • Black Elixir
  • Artifacts, which are books or spells.

If you choose one of the first 3 categories, the sum of your prize will be added to those already present in your treasury.

However, if you get books or spells, they will appear when you select an update. Here is an illustrative image

Hoping that this guide will help you and that you can send some doubt, we invite you to let us know your thoughts through our forums.